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Lucas Oil Off Road Expo 2010

Lucas Oil Off Road Expo

The Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo is the grand daddy of all off-road shows, and this is the first time we have been able to make it. We liked it so much it is already on the calendar for next year.

Travis Coyne’s Short Course race truck
Along with great vendors showing off various prerunners and Side x Sides there were also a host of other attractions. At the entrance Travis Coyne’s Short Course race truck was there with a demo track set up, Can-Am had a test ride area set up where attendees could test drive the latest quads and UTVs offered by them, there was something for everyone who enjoys the Off-Road lifestyle.

Josh Daniels’ Class 1 buggy
Just past the test track we saw Yokohama Tires’ booth with Josh Daniels’ Class 1 buggy out front.

Next we saw the legend of Off-road racing, Walker Evans signing autographs in the Goodyear Tires booth. Here is a shot of Walker’s #52 race truck.

Andy McMillins’ Trophy Truck
Inside the BFG Goodrich Tires booth we got up-close and personal with the Andy McMillins’ Trophy Truck.

Adam Householders Trophy Truck
Currie Enterprises, makers of some of the best rear-ends in the business had Adam Householders Trophy Truck in their booth.

Shannon Campbell’s Rock Racer / Class 1500 buggy Also inside the Currie booth we see Shannon Campbell’s Rock Racer / Class 1500 buggy. This is what you call “Dual Purpose”.

Nitto Tires’ Nissan prerunner Next we were off to Nitto Tires’ booth where we saw this amazing Nissan prerunner. We also snapped a few shots of this Ranger prerunner.

Shannon Campbell’s Rock Racer / Class 1500 buggy We also snapped a few shots of this Ranger prerunner.

Brenthel Industries F-150 Prerunner

We turned and saw this blinged out F-150 prerunner, then saw our friends at Brenthel Industries. This prerunner will be featured at SEMA, and we couldn’t believe the quality of work put into this prerunner.

Setting this prerunner apart from the others is the chrome plated suspension components. I would hate to get this dirty.

Baja Designs UTV
Baja Designs had this sweet little UTV in its booth featuring their new LED light bars.

PRP Seats
We stopped by PRP’s booth to see the latest seats they offer, and were shocked at what goes into building one of their seats. This cut-away clearly shows the quality.

King Shocks
Then it was off to the King Shocks booth where we see their coil-over bypass shock.

BMS Off Road Long Travel Kit
BMS Off Road had one of their kits on display along with what looked like a 7200 chassis.

Voss Motorsports Trophy Truck
General Tire “brought it” to this show where they had the Voss Motorsports Trophy Truck

Robby Woods Unlimited 2 truck
Robby Woods Unlimited 2 truck. Robby Woods was on hand signing autographs for the fans.

Camburd F-150 Prerunner

Camburd F-150 Prerunner Back
Camburg had this simple F-150 prerunner. I love the Trophy Truck air dam.

Buckshot Racing Sand Car
Outside the Gibson Exhaust booth was this sand car built by Buckshot

Robert Pickering’s 7200 truck
Here we see Robert Pickering’s 7200 truck. The chassis was built by Brenthel Industries.

Carl Renezeder’s U2 truck
Lucas Oil had Carl Renezeder’s U2 truck

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