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Usually your first step into Off-road Racing is something you can afford, hence the popularity of the 1450 class. This class became so popular it was divided into leaf sprung trucks and linked trucks and so was born the Class 2000 for leaf sprung trucks. One of the leaders in this class is TPF Racing’s Class 2000 Tacoma.

A lot of new racers in desert racing get their start after being exposed to it since their childhood, and 16 year old Brandon Arthur is no different. His self-built bright yellow F-100 1450 truck and the unique sound of his V-8 motor gets your attention, then you see how well this young guy can drive.

Back in the beginning of October we contacted the Media Coordinator for Riot Racing to see if we could do a feature on them.

When you think of Baja, the last thing to come to mind is being, “Green”. Well that is not the case for one competitor of the 2008 Baja 1000. You might have heard that you can run your diesel off of straight vegetable oil. I am not talking about bio-diesel, I mean veggie oil like you fry French fries in.

If you keep up with the Best in the Desert Racing series I am sure you have seen the #1 Trick Truck of Team Ford. A bright red Trick Truck is hard to miss even at 100 mph. I met up with the Team during the time trials for the Vegas to Reno race, to give you a behind the scenes look at what goes on before the race actually starts.

Let’s face it the Championship Off Road Racing series has to be one of the most action packed forms of off-road racing out there and one of the strongest teams in this series is Menzies Motorsports.

Most Off-road Race fans think the drivers live the lives of Rock stars, traveling from race to race with a slew of semi trucks, a full pit crew and it is all a big vacation. Well let me tell you this could not be further from the truth.

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