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Tuesday, 01 January 2008 10:25

Happy New Year Prerunner Maniacs

It is a new year and we are celebrating with our largest issue to date.

This New Year also marks the end of the offroad racing season and will start back up in February with the BITD Parker 425.

As you might have noticed Prerunner Maniac has a new look and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to get you the content you want to read. We are looking to include videos and other multimedia to better enhance your viewing of our magazine.

We here at Prerunner Maniac hope you had a very enjoyable holiday season and be sure to look for the next issue of Prerunner Maniac in February.

Well if you have been to the site before you will notice our magazine has a new look. We have been busy with race coverage, event attendance and the new look this month and we are making up for it with the largest issue ever!!!

The January issue of Prerunner Maniac with be a double issue with race coverage, tech tips, prerunner features and a host of new features on the site.

So be patient the January issue will be sent to you on New Year’s Day. If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe now so you don’t miss our largest issue ever.

We Need Your Prerunners

Do you want to be famous? Then send us your prerunners. Whether you are a Fabrication shop, or just own a cool prerunner, we want your vehicles to feature in our magazine. Send your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Got a New Product?

If you have a product that you feel is something our readers would like send us a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include a picture and a brief description.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007 06:06

Desert 4x4 Project Ford Ranger Gets HIDs

Sunday I finally got to install my new 6" HIDs sponsored by KC HiLites. Previously I had 6"in KC halogens that works well, but I noticed at speed I could not see far enough ahead to avoid potential problems. The halogens are better suited for the rock crawlers where speed is not the goal.

With the bumper I had on the truck the tabs did not allow mounting of the new much larger HIDs, so the folks at Woolworth Motorsports cut those tabs off and welded new tabs inward by 2 inches to allow the HIDs to be mounted.

Let me tell you they work great. Look in next month's (December) issue for a comparison, so you can see the difference between halogen off-road lights and HIDs. We will also have in next month's issue a complete Off-road Lighting Buyers Guide including everything from halogens to HIDs to the newest technology LEDs. It is going to be an exciting issue.

Be sure to subscribe today so you don't miss out

Tuesday, 20 November 2007 05:55

Come See Us at the AZ Truck and Sand Expo

If you attend you have to stop by our booth and subscribe to the magazine. Every subscriber will receive an 18"x24" poster for free and be entered to win great prizes in our raffle.

We will have our Project Desert 4X4 and our new Desert RZR project in our booth. So come by and say hi!!!

For details about the show visit: Arizona Truck and Sand Expo

Monday, 29 October 2007 13:27

SEMA 2007 Coverage Coming

Registered to cover SEMA today. It looks to be an exciting event. Since SEMA is not open to the public we are going to bring you all the excitement and innovative products of the show in an upcoming issue...probably December's issue.

We were not allowed inside the main event halls, but we did get to see some of the show trucks like a killer Toyota using Total Chaos Fabrication's handy work.

If there any Rock Crawling fans out there, we will show you the man made "Proving Ground" made in the main parking lot. Today we saw a woman driving a highly modified Jeep TJ over man made rock clusters while a spotter guided her. There was also a long travel Rhino going over many of the same obsticles.

We also met up with Tony Jones of KC HiLites and got to see his Polaris RZR in person. You will see it in our next issue coming Novemeber 1st. You are not going to believe this thing when you see it.

That's about all we were able to see outside. Be sure to check back daily while we bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the 2007 SEMA Show.

Sunday, 28 October 2007 10:14

Halloween 07 at Dumont Dunes

Got back late last night after spending the day in Dumont. I have to admit it was my first time there, and all I have to say is WOW.

Talking with others it seems the turn out this year was about half of what it is normally. I think it might have been caused by the fires in SoCal as Dumont was a smoky mess.

Halfway there my Wife says, “Did you bring the flag?" “Dang I can’t believe I forgot it". So our first stop was to Vendor Row to buy a cheapy $10 flag. As soon as we get out of the truck someone drives up next to us with his RZR and loved the design of our new cage. We got a late start out because we were up until 2am finishing the top my Wife sewed for it. We chatted for a bit then headed on to find a flag…well we had no problems finding one.

The people we were meeting had been out there since Wednesday and they said, “Go to the right you’ll see a large blow-up sheep on the top of our Toy Hauler". We decided to unload the RZR and travel on that since it would be much easier that trailering it behind our truck. Well we went up a down each and every row for over an hour, then we finally see one of our friends trucks and no large sheep. As it turns out the owner of the sheep had to make a quick trip to Baker and forgot to inflate it in the morning. OK we found our friends and now had to find our truck and trailer…that took a while too. First thing we are buying is a GPS.

After getting settled in we all went to the “North Pole". My Wife and I are in our RZR and we are following a Long-Travel ’06 Ford Ranger, and 2 giant 5 seat sand rails. After seeing all the groups of people at the North Pole is was time to head to Comp Hill. My friend Robby is telling us how he was all over it in his Ranger last night, and then said, “Let’s go up it in the RZR!!!" I said, “Hell No, here are the keys, and you go up". So he went out with another friend and after getting used to the throttle response and the braking, they went up the left side of Comp. After returning Robby said, “With some paddles in the back you should easily make it straight up".

Next we went for a ride in our friend Matt’s 5-Seater Dual Sport Rail. Words cannot even describe this experience. Imagine, a big buggy with like 20+ inches of travel and a 550+ HP LS motor. This thing literally flew up Comp. Later in the night we went for another ride down the bowl and over a set of rollers at about 65 mph. It was definitely an “E" ticket ride. The day progressed into night and after making another trip to Vendor Row we headed back to camp and watched the kids come by in their costumes Trick-or-Treating. Then it was 8:30pm and we decided to load up. After about another hour of packing, loading and saying bye, we were on our way home.

Next time we go to Dumont we will have to get out there earlier. With the 1 hour spent looking for our friends the day seemed to end too quickly. Anyone looking to hit the dunes for the first time, be sure to be safe. Dumont is somewhat of a controlled chaos. There are some that don’t like to follow the rules, but for the most part everyone is very friendly and will help out when they can.

Sunday, 28 October 2007 09:30

Custom RZR Cage Built

Just brought the Project Desert RZR back from Woolworth Motorsports where they built a custom cage and spare tire carrier. They also built new custom door bars as the factory ones got trashed.

 Project Desert RZR Custom RZR CageProject Desert RZR Custom RZR Cage

We will do a full feature on this build in the December issue, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it. You will also see the new plastic we installed on the front and and the tub of the bed.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007 08:01

Rolled Project Desert RZR

Not even a week old, last Sunday we went to Little Dumont and brought my neighbor and his son. My neighbor has been riding the Dunes for years and when it was his turn to take it out, I told him stay in my line of site so I can get pics for the magazine. He replied with, "I'll give you something to take pictures of". Little did he know what an impact that statement would cause.

I stood on top of a dune to get some shots and got a lot of good pictures. I see my neighbor starting to turn on the side of a dune, rolling the back out and through my view finder I see it start to roll. Then I hear my wife scream and start running.

I brought the camera down and started running myself. After coming around the dune I see my neighbor and his son hanging upside down from the seat belts. The roll cage did its job protecting them and after getting untangled from the seat belts they came our fine. My neighbor and I pitched it over and had to load it on the trailer as he popped the bead on the passenger rear tire.

In next month's issue we will show you the pics in our first entry of the new Carnage Column.

I want to thank Tony Hamblin at Metro Motorsports in Glendale Arizona. He is getting us a smokin' deal on replacing the front plastic and the bed plastic, both received damage in the roll-over. No matter if you live in Arizona or not the Folks at Metro Motorsports are the people to see for all of your ATV and UTV needs. We live in Las Vegas and made the drive out there to buy our RZR. It was a 14 hour round trip and worth every minute!!!

Thanks Tony

Wednesday, 03 October 2007 10:25

Oh No We're Late

Project Desert RZR Loaded on the TrailerProject Desert RZR Loaded on the Trailer

Hey there all you Prerunner Maniacs. I am sure you are wondering why this issue is coming late? Well it was for a good reason. We just picked up a new Polaris RZR from RideNow Powersports Metro in Glendale Arizona.

We were gabbing with my neighbor about not being able to get one in Las Vegas (there are 5 Polaris dealers here), and we had been waiting for months to get one. So my neighbor said, Why don’t you try Utah?” Called and nothing. Since RideNow Powersports Metro is the largest RideNow dealer we gave them a deposit and Monday headed to Arizona.

We loaded up the Ranger, hooked up the trailer and left at 9am Monday morning. After making the purchase and getting some food and gas we headed home to Pahrump. 11pm Monday we arrived at home…14 hours on the road. You gotta love the magazine industry.

Anyway I hope all of you understand the reason for getting you this issue late, and be sure to check back and see what we plan on doing with it.

We Need Your Prerunners

What makes a good magazine is seeing featured vehicles, and we need your prerunners. If you know of anyone that has a nice prerunner then be sure to have them contact us right away so we can get them in the magazine.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007 12:28

Offroad Racing Gallery Updated

Check out the Offroad Racing gallery with pics of the SCORE Primm 300 2007

Saturday, 08 September 2007 16:08

Back from the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 Race

Back from Primm NV. covering the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300. I was a great race. Now that the Herbsts own Primm look for even more amazing things from them. Tech Inspection this year was done inside the air conditioned area, the Star of the Desert Area. There is talk going on about next year's race even going through the area....shhh don't tell anyone else though.

Here is just a taste of what you will see in the next few days when we provide complete coverage of the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300.

Tuesday, 04 September 2007 11:08

Getting Ready for SCORE Terrible's Primm 300

Our bags are packed. We are ready to head out to Primm on Friday to cover the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300. It should be an exciting race as there are 2 groups of racing and since it is a small (only 74 miles) circle track it should be fun for all spectators.

If you haven't made plans yet to go to the race, you owe it to yourself to make the short trip from Las Vegas. It should be a blast.

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