When you decide to build a prerunner most people first think, “What model truck should I build?”, but most people never consider another important build factor, 2WD or 4WD.

Prerunner Maniac and Woolworth Motorsports show you with this how-to video how easy it is to shorten the travel of any hydraulic bumpstop.

The Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo is the grand daddy of all off-road shows, and this is the first time we have been able to make it. We liked it so much it is already on the calendar for next year.

Trophy Trucks and Pro2 Trucks are at the top when it comes to off-road racing. What makes them handle their type of racing so well?

What goes into designing a long travel kit for prerunners.

This how to video will show you how to rebuild a bypass shock or coilover shock used on prerunners. We use a King 2.5 2 Tube Bypass Shock. If you have a prerunner that uses coilover shocks or bypass shocks, this video will show you how to rebuild them.

So many times in off road racing Class 1 cars and Trophy Trucks get all the press. Yes fast is exciting, but there are a number of racers that need recognition, and this is where the #955 car owned by Kyle Cox comes in.

We first saw this truck out in the desert in Boulder City. After I got a closer look I couldn’t believe this still had the stock cab of a Ford Ranger. Like the title reads, it’s built like a Trophy Truck.

Those familiar with the blaze orange streak of Letner Racing’s Alpha, Class One car as it passes by, won’t know what hit them as the car has taken on a whole new look.

For some off-road racing is like an itch you just can’t reach. If you have been bit by the racing bug then you know what I mean.

I got a text message early in the morning back in the beginning of February from Brenthel Industries, "Hey we are testing Robert Pickering's 7200 truck in Barstow later today, can you make it?" After seeing the F-150 we featured back in November, I loaded up my gear and headed to Barstow.

So many of our readers crave Tech articles so as a way to satisfy these cravings we are going to pay you for your Tech articles. Here's how it works.

  • Tech articles must relate to building prerunners, side x sides or race trucks
  • Articles must be detailed with pictures of each step mentioned (no cell phone pictures please)

Before the 2009 SEMA Show we get a ton of press releases sent to us by companies who will be attending. We received one about a new product called the Truck Tent by Napier. We looked at their website and decided we needed one for ourselves.

We had been hearing rumors that this years SEMA show was not going to be like it had in the past. With homes foreclosing, and people loosing their jobs the last thing on their minds is automotive aftermarket. Well this might have been true for some but there was still a huge presence this year to the tune of over 125,000 people.

Even with the bad economy Halloween at Dumont Dunes turned out to be a blast for many in 2009.

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