Could this be the next trend in prerunners?
Let's face it building a prerunner is expensive, and because of this prerunner builders are always looking for ways to build something that won't break the bank.

GPS Visualizer allows you to see the race course from a bird's eye view.

High impact graphics stretch across the body of this Explorer prerunner.

Every prerunner has to have fiberglass fenders. It your prerunner is being built from a truck then you will probably need fiberglass bedsides. For our Explorer prerunner we knew exactly who to call, Glassworks Unlimited.

If you are building a serious prerunner you know you are going to need a few things to add protection to the vehicle and you will need a place to mount off-road lighting. You might need multiple places to mount lighting.

When making a prerunner out of a 2WD vehicle you are at a disadvantage. When you buy a 4WD truck or SUV the factory knows the intended use and puts lower gears in the rear-end to compensate for larger off-road tires. This was not the case for our 2WD Explorer prerunner project.

When deciding what to do with the front suspension for our Pump My Prerunner Explorer build, Robby Woolworth of Woolworth Motorsports (he handled the entire build for our Explorer) said we should give a call to Dixon Bros Racing.

The rear suspension build on our Explorer prerunner for the first episode of Pump My Prerunner consists of:

  • Deaver Long Travel Leaf Springs
  • Radflo Remote Reservoir Shocks

It was another beautiful day in the OC for the opener of the 2009 Extreme Motorsports Expo. We covered this event in 2007 and was surprised at the quality of the vendors and attraction. Well this year we saw even more vendors dedicated to Side x Sides and Prerunners.

Santa Fe SpringsCalifornia is home to one of the finest off-road fabrication shops, SI (Suspension Innovation) Motorsports Inc. Owner Tom McKenzie, started his career in 1996 when he began working for Larry Plank of the legendary Plank Motorsports.

Our friends at Woolworth Motorsports sent us a few pictures of this Titan Prerunner owned by Troy Johnson after doing some work on it. We were so impressed with the look on this Titan we contacted Troy to get more details.

Lowrance Globalmap Baja 540c InstallLowrance Globalmap Baja 540c Install

Being out in the middle of the desert you can easily get turned around, and instantly you are lost. Luckily the government found a solution for this in the form of GPS. While covering off-road races we find ourselves out in the middle of nowhere, so we decided to get the best GPS for off-road use, the Lowrance Globalmap Baja 540c.

What started out to be just a photo shoot of Jason’s F-150 prerunner and Bryan’s Ranger prerunner turned out to be a full meet-up.

Outside the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2008 SEMA show we spotted this little prerunner and had to find out who owned this thing of beauty.

It turns out the Off-Road Masterpiece was built by Nick Baldwin Motorsports. Now we have shown you prerunners that would blow your mind, but the level of luxury in this F-150 prerunner works better than the little blue pill.

Baer Brakes - T4 4-Piston CaliperBaer Brakes - T4 4-Piston Caliper

A while ago when I was into Drag Racing, Baer Brakes was the name you thought of when you had to put the whoa on your drag car. While at SEMA I was drawn by the Geiser Bros Pro 2 truck sitting in their booth. It seems Baer is hitting the Desert and Short Course Off-road Racing scene full force.

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