This year SEMA definitely stepped up its game when it comes to the desert and the items we like for our Prerunners and Side x Sides. The Truck and Off-road area was twice the size this year as it was last year.

Outside at SEMA Rize Industries featured their 7-Open race truck. Basically 7-Open is a Compact Trophy Truck, and this Ranger exploits all those freedoms. The owners of this truck is OneShot Racing driven by Wade Ruhman and Dennis Standrod.

This TRD Tacoma Off Road project is based on the 09 Tacoma Access Cab Standard Bed 4x4 truck. The concept features styling and suspension revisions as well as a more powerful supercharged engine.

A few months ago we featured one of the prerunners built by Stewart’s Race Works, Trophy Truck Prerunner. This month we are featuring the prerunner built for Team Ford Trophy Truck driver Steve Olliges.

Prerunner Fans our prayers have been answered. No longer a rumor, the factory prerunner Ford Raptor will be release to the public.

Prerunner Fans our prayers have been answered. No longer a rumor, the factory prerunner Ford Raptor will be release to the public.

Halloween is generally the kick-off date of the dune season at Dumont. The reason is this is when it starts to cool off there.

If you have been a reader for a while then you have seen our Project Desert Ranger. You might have also noticed the vinyl we had in the lower edge of the truck. That vinyl was applied in a hurry before the AZ Sand Show in December 2007 since the truck was going to be in our booth. It did it’s job, but is now outdated when you see the new look of the magazine. It was time to update the vinyl so it matches the magazine and it needed a little more punch.

Well I have to say that all the hard work that goes into producing this magazine every month has its perks. While working on an upcoming segment of our “Meet the Race Teams” features, I got the opportunity to really go behind the scenes of the Team Ford Racing team, I actually got a ride in their Trophy Truck, two rides to be exact.

We are always looking for great prerunners, race trucks, and side x sides to feature in the magazine. The problem we run into is the vehicle might be nice but the pictures showing it aren’t. We felt the best way to solve this was to give our readers a little instruction on “How to get your Prerunner in our Magazine”. Think of this as photography 101.

Nelson Specialties offers Switch Panels with proven reliability for high-performance applications. Switch panels are available in five or seven switch configurations.

When building a prerunner your only limit is really how much you want to spend. Now this does not mean you have to spend a gazillion dollars to have a nice prerunner, but if you do have deep pockets you might want to consider the Luxury Prerunners built by Stewart’s Race Works

The owner of this fine black prerunner sent us pictures of his truck and we knew it had to get in our magazine.

The front suspension has been done on our Project Desert Ranger for some time now. We added remote-reservoir Fox shocks to the rear which we did notice an improvement, but the rear still bounced like a pogo stick.

We felt it was time to call Deaver Springs and order a set of their custom springs to give our prerunner a smoother ride in the rear and get more travel out of the suspension.

One of the best parts of the Dixon Bros Racing Long-Travel Suspension kit is that they install cans for bumpstops. Originally we intended on testing out FOA’s bumpstops, but they only offer a 2.5” bumpstop. With the size of the a-arms on the Dixon kit there simply is not enough room for a 2.5” bumpstop.

When you are out in the desert at night it is just as important to see what’s behind you as it is in front of you. The off-road light market is flooded with solutions to see farther ahead at night than you can physical drive, even if what you drive is a Trophy Truck. Now there is something that can help you see what goes on behind you.

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