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In part one we showed you how to build the front of a prerunner, and all the parts you need. We'll continue by showing you what's needed to build the rear of your prerunner.

One of the most common questions we get is how to build a prerunner, so we decided to give you a step by step on how we build prerunners.

iShock is excited to announce the release of the industries most comprehensive Toyota Tacoma Mid-Travel Suspension kit, the “iShock Tacoma i6500 Mid-Travel Complete Suspension System”.

Our Explorer prerunner needed something more for the regular headlights. Because of the short design of the headlights we always found ourselves struggling to see when it is really dark. I upgraded the bulbs to higher output halogen bulbs, and we saw a little bit of an improvement, but still not enough. We decided an HID conversion kit was worth a try.

CODE NAME: Cactus Cooler
FOX has just released the “ECS” External Cooling System as an option on all new and existing FOX bypass shocks. The ECS is our latest development to come out of the Race Application Development program (RAD) that works with top motorsports athletes to devise and develop new technologies under the most extreme racing conditions.

Prerunner Maniac and Woolworth Motorsports show you with this how-to video how easy it is to shorten the travel of any hydraulic bumpstop.

Trophy Trucks and Pro2 Trucks are at the top when it comes to off-road racing. What makes them handle their type of racing so well?

What goes into designing a long travel kit for prerunners.

This how to video will show you how to rebuild a bypass shock or coilover shock used on prerunners. We use a King 2.5 2 Tube Bypass Shock. If you have a prerunner that uses coilover shocks or bypass shocks, this video will show you how to rebuild them.

So many of our readers crave Tech articles so as a way to satisfy these cravings we are going to pay you for your Tech articles. Here's how it works.

  • Tech articles must relate to building prerunners, side x sides or race trucks
  • Articles must be detailed with pictures of each step mentioned (no cell phone pictures please)

Before the 2009 SEMA Show we get a ton of press releases sent to us by companies who will be attending. We received one about a new product called the Truck Tent by Napier. We looked at their website and decided we needed one for ourselves.

GPS Visualizer allows you to see the race course from a bird's eye view.

High impact graphics stretch across the body of this Explorer prerunner.

Every prerunner has to have fiberglass fenders. It your prerunner is being built from a truck then you will probably need fiberglass bedsides. For our Explorer prerunner we knew exactly who to call, Glassworks Unlimited.

If you are building a serious prerunner you know you are going to need a few things to add protection to the vehicle and you will need a place to mount off-road lighting. You might need multiple places to mount lighting.

When making a prerunner out of a 2WD vehicle you are at a disadvantage. When you buy a 4WD truck or SUV the factory knows the intended use and puts lower gears in the rear-end to compensate for larger off-road tires. This was not the case for our 2WD Explorer prerunner project.

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